Jewelry Care Tips


You can keep your jewelry looking beautiful by limiting exposure to certain conditions. Lotions, creams and daily grooming products can expose jewelry to harmful chemicals. These chemicals can leave a residue on jewelry creating a dull film that is very difficult to remove. To prevent buildup, remove your jewelry before bathing and grooming and put on your jewelry as the finishing touch. Remove jewelry before doing chores. Abrasive household cleaners can leave dulling scratches. Bleach, Water and Jewelry Do Not Mix. Chlorine bleach can destroy the finish on your silver jewelry. When silver is exposed to chlorine bleach it can turn an unsightly black. Water can weaken springs and clasps so thoroughly dry your jewelry after exposure to water, especially before storing it in an enclosed space. It is especially important that you remove all jewelry when working with power tools. Jewelry may get caught on a power tool and break or cause serious injury. Finally, keep jewelry covered and away from dust and dirt when storing.


Soak in warm mild (fragrance-free) soapy water for 10-20 minutes.This will gently loosen dirt and soap scum. Take a soft tooth brush and lightly scrub. Dry and shine with the Tocara Polishing Cloth or a soft dry cloth.


Tocara rings are made using the identical process as gold and platinum rings costing thousands of dollars. Tocara stones are hand set and the rings are hand polished and coated with Rhodium for a luxurious look and to help prevent tarnishing. Hand set stones are very durable but can be dislodged if struck against a hard object. This is not a manufacturing defect so do not wear Tocara rings while doing chores. Over time with frequent wearing, all fine jewelry rings can become scratched, especially on the base of the ring. This is normal wear and tear, not a manufacturing defect.


Use the black polishing cloth, but not the white polishing cloth (because it contains chemicals that could be harmful to the plated parts).


Clean jewelry and stones with a damp soft cloth to remove dirt and oils. Shine Silver with the Tocara Polishing Cloth or a soft dry cloth.